Event Types: Gallery | Studio

Current Exhibition: Nathalie Miebach
Blizzards, Gales, and Ocean Buoys

03.10.13 through 04.20.13

In concert with the Environmental Studies department and the Center for the Arts and Humanities at Colby College, CSA is pleased to present the work of Nathalie Miebach from March 10-April 20, 2013.  This exhibition is the successful culmination of community members working together to forge creative dialogue around climate issues that affect us all.  Please check this site for upcoming artist talks, musical performances and more, free and open to the public.

Nathalie Miebach’s sculpture is dynamic, thought-provoking, and at its essence, inter-disciplinary—she incorporates art, music, science, and technology engaging her audience in thoughtful dialogue about the environment and climate change. Nathalie records storms and weather patterns in the Gulf of Maine and uses this scientific data to inform her complex sculptures based on basket weaving traditions; she adds another expressive dimension by the creation of musical scores that complement and accompany the sculptures. Nathalie’s work produces a powerful emotional effect through this rich blending of aural and visual elements.