Event Types: Gallery | Studio

Memento Feb 1st to Feb 28th

02.01.13 through 02.28.13

Betsy van Die
Angie Devenney
Mellow Lund
Molly Hodson
Ryan Walker
Thomas Birtwistle
Clare Finin
Irene Schlesinger
Janalee Welch

So many of us have tucked away small objects of our affections . . . little mementos we cannot part with: a key from a beloved car, matchbooks from meeting houses, stones and shells from other places, even old clothes. Things build up. They fill drawers, and boxes, and more boxes.

Join us for this group show where artists created works of art based on personal mementos that have been carried with them over time. Themes of possession and dispossession are explored through a variety of media. Sentimental objects previously kept in boxes and drawers are reexamined and reworked by the artist.

This exhibit will also feature a living story wall, a memento wall, a beehive of sorts, where visitors are encouraged to let go of their own tokens or small possessions –  be it something found on the way to the gallery, something from your pocket, or something from your past – which may be left with a note, short story or explanation for the next visitor to discover.